80 Ann Street, Brisbane

Queens Wharf
Queens Wharf
5 April, 2024

About the Project

ADDRESS 80 Ann St, Brisbane City

VALUE $28 million


The building for demolition was a 1962 built 12 storey office building. The building contained extensive friable asbestos contamination within cavities of the structural slab. Due to the extent of the asbestos demolition waste, (excluding soft furnishings) the removal was carried out under friable asbestos conditions, and disposed of as asbestos contaminated waste.

Due to the extensive contamination, Mainland liaised with government regulators, industry leading hygienists and Class A asbestos removalists to safely and effectively demolish the building. The methodology adopted was an evidence based results proven approach, to ensure any potential risk to the public and work force was adequately addressed.

Negative air pressure was adopted on all floors, until all that remained was the contaminated concrete structure for hard demolition. The hard demolition floor used a purpose built water mist barrier over the demolition. The scaffold was encapsulated in a heat sealed shrink wrap to protect it, and also create a physical site barrier. A negative air pressure load out enclosure was built for trucks to be loaded within. A crane was erected to handle waste and heavy steel beams. The demolition was sequenced and effectively managed such that bulk asbestos removal works was able to continue in the lower floors with demolition of the structure on the floors above. During the demolition there was a peak worker attendance of 162 workers, and no asbestos exceedances recorded.

The civil package included a bored retention pile wall with temporary anchors and capping beam, wood float shotcrete to all elevations, removal of contaminated spoil, and a 24 hour bulk excavation of approximately 40,000m3 which started during the demolition.