300 George Street, Brisbane

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About the Project

ADDRESS 300 George Street, Brisbane

VALUE $24.3 million


Involved demolition of the old Queensland Supreme court buildings covering an entire city block bordered by George Street, Ann Street, Adelaide Street and North Quay. The demolition included removal of 3 buildings with a height of up to 7 storeys and the existing 2 level basement to enable the bulk earthworks package to commence.

The buildings were government buildings built in 1960’s consisting of large concrete structures with some precast elements to the façade. The buildings were adjacent to major road infrastructure which required the building to be encased in scaffolding to enable demolition.

The building was then striped out and large amounts of hazardous asbestos removed by specialist contractors.

Demolition was undertaken by top down method utilising a 250t crawler crane to assist with lifting plant and large structural elements down. The general demolition was undertaken on a floor by floor basis using excavators ranging from 14t to 5t on the upper floors and up to 75t excavators as the building reached lower levels.

All the material generated was separated and processed for disposal and recycling. Over 96% of the demolition material produced was successfully recycled at licensed facilities.

The project was completed successfully both from a safety and environmental front as well as timeframe.

Project Info

Client : Shayer Group
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